Can Soap Really Eliminate Face Herpes Symptoms?

Utilizing soap for herpes simplex 1 infections was always considered to be a myth for many years. On going research over the last eight years however, has revealed that a ordinary compound in thousands of home and cosmetic products does significantly inhibit the herpes virus.

This agent is called sodium lauryl sulfate also known as sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS). This element is found in a great many beauty products, it is found in practically all soaps, shower gels, shampoos and skin cleansing products. The key role of sodium lauryl sulfate in most cosmetic products is as a foaming agent, and is used as a main ingredient in bubble bath. It is often used in cleaning products, as it is an excellent degreaser.

So how does SLS effect facial herpes? The HSV virus is what is known as an enveloped virus, which means that the virus moves in an envelope, this envelope helps the virus to penetrate your cells, producing the the symptoms of the HSV infection. SLS has the power to actually infiltrate cells and break up the envelope containing the virus. Studies being undertaken on how SLS effects the herpes virus are being done at Penn State's College of Medicine by Mary K. Howett, Ph.D. The professor is working on a topical gel to use on outbreaks of the herpes virus.

If you have been searching for relief from the symptoms of the herpes simplex virus you may have come across another so called "remedy" naming toothpaste as a home cure for cold sores and herpes. If you have done your research, you'll know these reports vary as to how good this remedy really is. The reason that toothpaste may possibly work for some people is that quite a few toothpastes do have SLS as a main ingredient, but also plenty that won't. If you are going to try utilising toothpaste or soap as a home remedy for a herpes or cold sore outbreak, check the ingredients first to be certain that SLS is present.

Over the last few years there has been a good deal of debate relating to the use of SLS in cosmetic products. There was concern that the chemical could cause skin and hair damage. Although it is true that SLS can destroy skin cells, the percentage of the chemical needs to be very high to cause any harm. The percentage of SLS used in cosmetic products is far below levels that would cause any harm.

In conclusion, I would definitely try toothpaste or soap for a herpes infection. Ensure that that sodium lauryl sulphate is present in any products that you purchase, and always use common sense when trying any products on the infection.

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