Herpes Simplex On The Face - Where Can It Occur?

The answer is - just about anywhere.

Herpes Simplex 1, HSV 1, Facial Herpes, Oral Herpes or cold sores as the virus is better known can appear anywhere above the waist.

HSV 2, or Herpes Type 2, is a different strain and affects mainly below the waist, which can lead to genital herpes.

It's important to remember that either strain, when contagious, can spread to any part of the body.

This blog is dedicated to dealing with outbreaks of facial herpes, but the principles involved apply to all strains of the virus.

The most commonly affected areas for face herpes are around the lips and mouth. Outbreaks around the nose are also common, if the virus spreads to the nasal passages it can become quite painful and uncomfortable. The virus also appears on the cheeks and forehead, and to a lesser extent on the neck. Infections around the eyes are less common but should they occur, advise from your GP should be sought straight away, as complications can arise.
Avoid touching the site of an outbreak as much as possible, as the virus can spread easily, and to any part of your body.

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