Face Herpes - Symptoms And Early Signs

If you have suffered an outbreak before, you will well know the warning signs of an impending face herpes outbreak.

For others that are unsure or worried that they are experiencing tell-tale face herpes symptoms, here is a breakdown of what normally happens.

#1 The very first sign of an outbreak always starts with a tingling sensation in the area affected.

#2 This is followed by (or sometimes at the same time as the tingling) by the area beginning to itch, mildly at first, persisting to something you can't ignore.

#3 Shortly after, the area will become inflamed and red, with possibly the beginnings of blisters starting to appear.

#4 The blisters will fill with fluid and the area will become quite painful.

#5 The blisters will burst and a yellow scab will form.

#6 The skin will gradually heal and the scabs will come away, leaving a faint pink patch which will gradually fade.

This whole process, depending on how strong your immune system is at the time, will take anywhere from 5 - 21 days to completely heal. Hopefully here on this blog you will find a way to significantly cut down this time, or better still prevent the episode ever occurring.

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