Face Herpes Pictures

The most common place for the virus to appear is on the bottom or top lip.

More often than not, the virus can spread to anywhere around the mouth region.

Not as common as the mouth area infections, but Herpes Simplex 1 often appears around the nose. The picture shown is quite a severe outbreak as most are smaller than this.

Face Herpes Symptoms can appear anywhere, in this case on the cheek.

The most common area for the Herpes virus to appear - the lip and surrounding area.

Herpes Simplex 1, as with all strains of Herpes is highly infectious, and can spread rapidly if touched.

Again, the most common site for an outbreak.

It is worth remembering that face herpes can occur just about anywhere on the face, the forehead, temples, around the eyes and even on the neck, but the outbreaks will all look roughly the same.

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